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Art that screams

I love art. It feeds my mind, my heart and my soul. Mostly I gravitate towards colorful, intricate, beautiful work that you can get lost in. I fill my walls with work that vibrates and enchants me. I spend my days curating exhibitions with unexpected mediums, subjects and imagery. I strive to expose others to new and interesting ideas within the art world. To highlight a resurgence of old techniques. To appreciate all forms of creativity. But all of this falls short of truly making a difference.

While I whole-heartedly believe curiosity and creativity has the power to transform individual lives, I’m struggling to channel my creative energy through our current political landscape. I want to support art that screams at the top of its lungs that we are being oppressed. Art that is fiercely political and created with the intention to bring racists and misogynists down. Art that doesn’t hesitate to slap you in the face with tough facts and information. Art that inspires you to literally take to the streets. Ugly art for an ugly world. I can’t concentrate on anything else. I’m compelled to create a gallery page on my site to post as much political art work as I can consume. I’m compelled to implore artists to create more political work. I’m compelled to curate exhibitions based on climate change, immigration, big data and greed. All this to say - stay tuned, find your voice, do good.

“Artists operate as chroniclers of history and initiators of change, often serving as a checkpoint for society at large.” Sarah Rocket

Jessica Parker